Wp3 final draft

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Benefit-cost analysis tool (IRP2-WP3)

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Final draft agenda for the sittings of October (Strasbourg) Financial Services ESMA - Market makers and authorised primary dealers who are using the WP3 Final Baseline Environmental report (See the Executive summary) Environment & Climate Change Macron takes risky bet with tough talk.

Final draft of methodology and plan for implementing this package Antonin Jancarik – Work package 3 Parallel Working meeting (APPOLLO room) Development of theatre scenarios-stories with math elements and guideline To discuss methodology and the plan of implementation of the WP.

Benefit-cost analysis tool (IRP2-WP3) Overview. Tool tailored to assessing investments for water-sensitive cities. It is intended to support balanced and systematic decision making about these investments, and to provide evidence for use in business cases. the files must not be distributed or shared with anyone as they are draft.

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Wp3 final draft
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