Undergraduate core coursework

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Undergraduate Admissions

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See also the Sides Placement Chart. The School of Management offers a variety of undergraduate programs designed to meet the needs of traditional students, returning students, and students already established in their professional careers.

Students transferring course credit to satisfy the Core Curriculum requirements should refer to the Texas Common Course Numbering System. Texas A&M University branch campuses in Galveston and Qatar do not offer all of the courses included in the Texas A&M core curriculum.

Common Core

The hour core curriculum is required for all students, regardless of major. The core begins with a common intellectual experience known as the first-year Signature Course and includes coursework in English composition, literature, government, history, social sciences, mathematics, natural sciences and technology, and visual and performing arts.

The School of Undergraduate Studies is responsible for the core curriculum requirements for all students pursuing an undergraduate degree.

As of fall ofthe core course lists are updated annually and are not tied to a student’s undergraduate catalog.

University Core Curriculum

The core curriculum at Purchase College satisfies the SUNY general education requirements and engages all undergraduate students in essential learning. All Purchase undergraduates complete coursework in a common core curriculum as they progress toward graduation in their chosen majors.

Undergraduate Coursework. Duke Continuing Studies works with local triangle residents with a variety of educational needs: (1) who desire to take a few courses for career development; (2) who plan eventually to enter graduate or professional school; (3) who seek courses to complete degree programs from other institutions; (4) who wish to .

Undergraduate core coursework
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