Mastectomy patient quality of life with external prosthesis

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Prosthetics: An Alternative to Reconstruction

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Quality of Life for Cancer Patients

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BioMed Research International

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Quality of Life After Breast Cancer Surgery With or Without Reconstruction

Psychological response to see reconstruction. N Engl J Med. Influence at Google Scholar T. Conscientious analysis was applied in this paragraph rather than meta-analysis. If you decide that breast reconstruction isn’t right for you but still want a breast shape, a prosthesis, also called a breast form, can help you look balanced without surgery.

You can use a prosthesis (or two prostheses, if you’ve had a double mastectomy) if you want the appearance of breasts but want to hold off on reconstruction or not.

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An external silicone breast prosthesis is a weighted prosthesis, made of silicone, which is designed to simulate natural breast tissue. Because this type of breast prosthesis is weighted, it may help your posture, prevent shoulder drop, and problems with balance.

Nov 12,  · This Literature review is regarding the explore quality of life and experiences with external prosthesis among mastectomy patient. The aim of this literature review is to identify the experiences and satisfaction by using external breast prosthesis.

Majority of women after immediate breast reconstruction live their life with acceptable quality and a lower incidence of psychological morbidity.

Quality of life, Breast reconstruction, Mastectomy.

Post-Mastectomy Prosthesis

Forty five women who consented to join the study completed the questionnaires before operation, three months after operation and than 6 months later. The Boston keratoprosthesis conferred an exponential improvement in utility and patient quality of life, the study authors said.

As many as 90% of women who have undergone mastectomy or lumpectomy for breast cancer surgery will choose to wear a breast prosthesis. To date, there has been little systematic exploration of experiences and preferences related to wearing external breast prostheses, especially with new products.

Mastectomy patient quality of life with external prosthesis
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