Manipulating the beauty of photographs with camera techniques

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The Importance of light in Photography

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Advanced Photography Techniques

Navigation. This is a great time to be outdoors and enjoy nature, wildflowers or the beauty of a garden. Go outside, find something inspiring and enjoy experimenting with. The term itself covers a spectrum of techniques that have changed over time, but the two techniques people are most familiar with are “retouching” and “airbrushing”.

The two could be used interchangeably although the latter actually refers to the older method of using a physical airbrush on photographs. Photo Manipulation is, in my opinion, among one of the most fascinating photography techniques out there.

Photo Manipulation is the process of editing a photograph in such an extreme way that it takes on an entirely different look. 12 Mobile Photography Tips Every Photographer Should Know Posted by Paul Moore | February 6, Comments 56 Anyone can pick up an iPhone and take a photo, but it takes a more skilled photographer to create a truly great image.

His camera happened to be a Polaroid SX, which had defective Polaroid film that would get stuck in the gears. As one of the best Polaroid manipulation techniques, he took this to his advantage by creating a series of ethereal images.

Negatives can be manipulated while still in the camera using double-exposure techniques, or in the darkroom by piecing photos or negatives together. Some darkroom manipulations involved techniques such as bleaching to artfully lighten or totally wash-out parts of the photograph, or hand coloring for aesthetic purposes or to mimic a fine art painting.

11 ways to capture the beauty of everyday life with your camera Manipulating the beauty of photographs with camera techniques
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