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SWOT analysis of General Motors

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General Motors Fast Facts

Apr 08,  · Read Fast Facts from CNN about General Motors, one of the Big Three U.S. automakers.

General Motors - IFAS, EFAS, SFAS

EFAS TABLE: GENERAL MOTORS External Factors Opportunities Concentration on smaller and more fuel efficient cars Potential global growth such as in India and China Lower interest rates Capture attention of millennials who have been slow to buy vehicles Hold onto the baby boomers who love the brand and are loyal Threats Rising raw material prices %(3).

SAIC General Motors Corp., Ltd. (SMG) is the largest of GM China’s ventures jointly created with a key partner Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC). Both companies and their joint venture SMG control the majority of the other General Motors’ joint ventures in China.

SMG is also the largest vehicle producer in China. General Motors is home to Buick, Cadillac, GMC and Chevrolet. Find the latest news about GM automotive innovations, investor relations and more.


Strategic Management Develop An Efas And Ifas Table. Describe the EFAS and the IFAS. What is the purpose of each tool? Are there any weaknesses in the EFAS/IFAS classification system?

The EFAS stands for the external factors analysis summary. The EFAS table lists the Opportunities and Threats faced by a company, which has five columns. In the first column the opportunities and threats of the .

General motors ifas efas
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