Communication apprehension

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Communication apprehension

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Personal Report of Communication Apprehension

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Situational Communication Apprehension A short-lived anxiety that occurs during a specific encounter.

The Personal Report of Communication Apprehension

Examples include interviews, speaking to a professor about an assignment, or speaking to a significant other about a situation. The naissance of communication apprehension research began in trying to develop measures to identify individuals with it. McCroskey developed the Personal Report of Communication Apprehension (PRCA), and McCroskey (as well as Levine and McCroskey ) subsequently validates versions of.

Introduction. One cannot discuss the construct of communication apprehension (CA) without bringing up the scholar James C.

Communication apprehension

McCroskey. McCroskey coined the concept with his graduate students during his time on faculty at Michigan State University, and published the first article in utilizing the term. Communication apprehension is the level of anxiety triggered by the real or anticipated communication act, as defined by McCroskey.

The Personal Report of Communication Apprehension

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With that said, if the origin of Communication Apprehension is biological, then it stands to reason that chemical agents that work on the biology of anxiety would be effective. Unfortunately, this is a relatively new area of study and psychiatric drugs are generally not uniformly effective on general populations.

Communication apprehension
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