Attendance monitoring using biometrics with payroll

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Using biometrics, you not only verify staff attendance, you can verify staff identity. So you can be sure your staff are not clocking in and out for each other and eliminate the borrowing of security cards to gain access and exit to controlled areas. Attendance Monitoring and Payroll System - The Computerized Attendance Monitoring and Payroll System, is a biometric based comprehensive attendance monitoring with an automatic payroll processing system for the employees.

Creating a smoother process by using a biometric time and attendance system, will allow HR employees to work on more tasks. For more information on how to start using biometric devices with time and attendance software, contact us ator try our time and attendance.

A. Time and attendance systems integrate with payroll systems by allowing you to transfer your time and attendance data into your payroll program with the press of a button. This cuts down on.

Attendance monitoring using biometrics with payroll
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