A river by a k ramanujan

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Critical Appreciation of the poem “A River” by A.K. Ramanujan

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A River - Poem by A. K. Ramanujan

Ramanujan was born on December 22, in Erode, a minor city in Madras State (now Tamil Nadu) in South India. His father was a clerk in a fabric store.

Mar 26,  · Comments: A. K. Ramanujan, who died recently, was one of India's greatest modern poets. This is a really beautiful piece of cynical criticism aimed at poets who force themselves to look only at the beautiful things in life, and mindlessly ape the same lines quoted by poets for aeons.

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A River by instituteforzentherapy.comjan A River is one of those poems of instituteforzentherapy.comjan which deal with hashya, vyangya and vakrokti, satire, laughter, irony, comment and the oblique approach an its application in poetry whose master is none, but the poet himself.

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A river by a k ramanujan
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A River by A.K. Ramanujan | Essay Example