A personal view of success that correlates with load of hard efforts

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Gifted or Hard-Working? Which is Better for Long-Term Success for our Children?

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On Study Skills and Learning - How to Succeed in Your Studies

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Conversely, if the acute load is high (ie, training loads have been rapidly increased resulting in ‘fatigue’) and the rolling average chronic training load is low (ie, the athlete has performed inadequate training to develop ‘fitness’), then the athlete will be in a fatigued state.

Thanks to our laws prohibiting workplace discrimination, workers in the United States can now view the workplace as a true meritocracy in which their success will be determined solely by their skills and their efforts. Do Smart, Hard-Working People Deserve to Make More Money?

Posted on November 2, Financial success doesn’t correlate with hard work. Financial success correlates with leverage, which is largely a matter of the organization in which an individual’s effort is expended and his place in that organization.

I can adjust my efforts in view. IDOC_NUM is the tag that we'll use to update CORRELATION_SET with the IDoc number. The tag will be linked to a correlation key that we'll use to identify all IDoc numbers in CORRELATION_SET. Let's say the key number is From a manager's point of view, it's helpful to know that values are those concepts, principles, things, people, or activities for which a person is willing to work hard—even make sacrifices for.

The Iceberg Theory of Success

Compensation, recognition, and status are common values in the workplace.

A personal view of success that correlates with load of hard efforts
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